Jaguar F-Type Convertible 3.0 Litre V6 Supercharged RWD

The big cat finds its Roar, model on test: £67,095

Last year, I tested the Jaguar XF. It was the 2.0 litre diesel, and I loved it. The only thing I would have changed was switching to the V6 for a bit more grunt. So when Jaguar offered me the chance to drive the F-Type with a 3.0 litre supercharged petrol V6 you can imagine I was looking forward to it.

The F-Type is a stunningly beautiful car. The curves look great from any angle, and the boot and spoiler look somehow powerful. The model I tested was white with a red hood, and usually white is not my favourite colour… but this car, with that hood and the alloys… oh yes.

Jaguar have never had a problem making a pretty car (with one or two exceptions) and I think that since the E-Type, this is by far their best effort for a sports car. The XK of the late ‘90s was great, but this F-Type goes so much further. If I was asked to choose between an original E-Type and this new F-Type, I genuinely don’t know which I’d choose.

Okay, so it looks good… really good. But how about the drive? The supercharged V6 is an amazing power unit. With around 340 bhp on tap, it was always going to be… nippy. But the gearbox and exhaust are the real stars of the show here. The power delivery and gear change was a pure delight, and as for the noise… every single time i started the engine I smiled. And so did most people around me. It was delivered to me at my house on a new development with construction still going on. The approval from the builders every time I pressed the starter was praise indeed for the exhaust. It really did sound amazing, and the view over the long sweeping bonnet was a fantastic place to be. It was a comfortable cabin, with supportive seats and quality everywhere you look.

Luckily, the weather was good enough to take the top down – a lot – and it handled amazingly. Often when you take a powerful coupe and remove the roof the loss of rigidity makes it a bit of a handful, especially round the corners, but not so with the Jag. I’m not sure what they’ve done but it’s a dream. Planted, yet fun, safe but exhilarating. I’ll be honest I had it in sport mode 99% of the time… and the other thing this car had was an active exhaust. It’s a cost option of £360, but I absolutely promise this is money well spent. Oh and on the extras, the ‘Glacier White’ that this car was in, is a £715 extra… and it looks so good in this colour, I’d almost say go for that too. But the truth is, I think this car would be amazing in any colour, so don’t fret too much about that choice!

The only minor downside was a very small boot… but I don’t care about that – everything else more than made up for it.

Since I’ve driven this, I’ve driven some fast offerings from Lexus, Audi and even McLaren (keep an eye out for those in future issues) and if you gave me the option of any of these cars for one more day, it would be a matter of seconds before I looked longingly at the McLaren, and chose the Jag.

It was quite possibly the best two seater I’ve driven. It was that good.

Oh, and on that question of choosing between the E-Type and F-Type… I lied. I do know what I’d choose. It’s the F-Type.

Although I’m due to drive an E-Type in the next few months, so I reserve the right to change my mind!

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